Who We Are

It started with a bit of Compassion

Street Bundles Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that sprang from a desire to do something tangible about the level of homelessness and need seen on a daily basis, specifically among LGBTQ+ youth, Veterans and people of color who are disproportionately affected by homelessness for a myriad of complicated, nuanced reasons. Our purpose is simple — assemble and distribute three-day sustenance & care packages to individuals who are hungry and in need, as well as provide other essentials and supplies to those experiencing homelessness in San Diego County.


We know this pandemic will significantly affect our unhoused population in many ways, with closures and limitations being put on essential support services they rely on to live. With that in mind, board members Aaron & Alex went to our storage facility yesterday and pulled out the remaining built bundles we had stored & loaded up the vehicle. They will be distributing them to a few select locations, community partner organizations & keeping a supply in our cars for folks we encounter out and about.

While adhering to all CDC guidelines we want to keep our message of hope moving forward by actively working with local charities and continuing to build bundles for those in need.

Donate to help these essential bundles get to those who need them most. These are unprecedented times. But, we will come together as a community and get through this. We do that by helping each other. D

From our hearts to yours.