What a nice time at the Long Beach Bundle Build today! Incredible organization doing such wonderful and much needed work. It was a great bunch of people. Thank you Wes & Co. for all you do! Can’t wait for the next bundle build!                                       -Leslie Shields Jones

“Total inspiration and dedication for such a good cause. If everyone gave so much unconditionally, the world would be so full of love and kindness.”                                                    -Lesa Melo

Wonderful experience and purpose! Love the passion in helping the ever increasing homeless population. Thanks for all you do!”                                                                    -Francine Migdal

“Wonderful bundles of food for the homeless. I loved putting them together. Also makes you aware of the people in your neighborhood who are less fortunate.”                                                                                               -Susie Wong

“What an amazing concept. Thank you for continuing to inspire us and remind us that we are all one.”                                                                                              -Lisa Cabrera